Need for Speed – Most Wanted

Why I have picked to write about such an old game you wonder – well, this game is a king in its category. Racing cars illegally, switching cars, running from cops, drifting and tuning – all these has this game to offer you, all these had this game to offer you a couple of years ago when it has appeared, but still we can talk about it to be a super game - join the best option.

Most Wanted from NFS starts with the main character driving a BMW M3 GTR, after that he meets Mia and when he enters town he meets sergeant Cross who will try to catch him driving a Chevrolet Corvette C6, but the main character manages to escape. After many races throw town, the car of main character is sabotaged by a rival competitor, breaks up during the racing, so he remains without car and gets arrested. With no proofs against him, he is released, but still has no car, so is driven by Mia to a car deposit from where he chooses a car. And from this moment on the craziness starts, he will have to beat 15 competitors, and the list of names in the game is called the “Blacklist”. It is recommend to have a crazy start.

Using this game, this story and these characters, EA games have brought to us the adventure and the adrenaline that a race can have. The fact that you are chased by police cars makes the adrenaline to be more powerful and the pleasure bigger.

From my point of view and I am sure that many of you think this, this game is more than exciting and the fact that they have introduced at that time the options (see the tutorial) to switch cars makes it more interesting and eye-catching. Let’s face it, now there are many more games with more appealing features and options (Need for Speed 2015 is definitely the best example), but for 2005 Need For Speed Most Wanted was perfect and the kind of game that we all dreamed of.